2020 -2021 Guild Awards Documents


2020 – 2021 Definitions for Entry Categories. 

Feature Length Motion Picture Definitions:

  1. Entry has seventy (70) minutes running time and first publicly shown in motion picture theater for seven days;
  2. or, On or after the first day of theatrical release is released in non-theatrical media;
  3. or, Planned for theatrical release, but released through streaming, VOD service or other media.

Television Series, Television Limited or Mini Series, or Television New Media Series Definitions:

  1. Series shown on cable television or streaming;
  2. Mini Series has minimum of two parts, running time 4 hours.

Television, One Hour or More Live Programs Series, or Movie for Television:

  1. Special “stand alone” production;
  2. One Hour or More Live Program Series, program is shot in front of an audience;
  3. Movie for Television length two televised half hour time slots or a “stand-alone”.

Theatrical Productions (Live Stage):

  1. Performed in California;
  2. Five Hundred words or less detailed description of work performed, photos, press or other media.

How many artists can I enter for each award?

A maximum of two statues may be given per Award Category. The Guild Awards Rules & Regulations Committee MAY be petitioned thru application process to consider UP TO TWO additional nominees per category. For the 2021 nomination form, simply add these additional artists along with your primary nominees. Up to four artists can be submitted for each award.

If I submit more than two artists will they all be considered?

All artists will be vetted as part of the nomination process. The 100 and 50 word descriptions are key to insuring all artists contributions are valid. Describe each artists work or techniques, not simply the products they used. This information needs to be descriptive, creative and absorbing. 

Additionally, it is a requirement that all artists have a proof of participation verified by a signed POP.  In short, all artists will be considered, however it is possible that once vetted, some may not qualify. 

What if I change my mind about an artist or description?

We encourage you to carefully think through how many artists should be considered and their descriptions BEFORE pushing the submit button. For each artist you add, you will be able to go back and edit their information. Make sure ALL names are spelled correctly.


What if I’ve already started and want to add another artist later? For example, if you added 3 artists to an award and decide to add a 4th —  The form will not let you add another artist once the Artist page is in edit mode. To remedy this situation, delete the incomplete award, then start that award over. 

Where do I get a Proof of Participation (POP)?

POPs will be sent out  Thrusday February 18, 2021 after the annoucements of the Finalists.

POPs will be sent directly to the Production Company contact listed on your entry. The POPs will be  be delivered via Docusign to the Entries that make it to the Final Ballot.  POPs will be sent out  Thrusday, February 18, 2021   when the Finalists are announced.  It is critical that the contact email address you provide is accurate since you will not be sent the document/signing instructions. No handwritten POPs will be accepted. 

Can I change or delete an active submission?

No, you cannot. However, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it is recommended that you begin a duplicate entry.  New entries for a production will override old entries as long as the production contact and email address are the same.

I’m still confused… Who can I talk to? 

We encourage anyone that needs technical help to email awards.submissions@local706.org

Please allow 48 hours for the nomination team to reply. It is greatly appreciated if you refrain from calling/emailing the Local 706 office directly since these technical questions will need to be addressed by the nominations team anyway.